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Seminars / Lectures

1.5 to 2 hour seminar/lectures:

These lectures/seminars are a great introduction to the world of animal communication and can be scheduled for any individual group, organization, club or conference.

1) Animal Communication

Animals communicate in an ancient silent language that is universal with all species including humans.  Learn the different levels of communication and how to get into the ‘zone’ to hear the voice of not only your own animal loved ones but also the call of the wild and its teachings.

The essentials of telepathic/intuitive communication will be explained and how the relationship between people and animals will be greatly enhanced by this silent form of communication used from one species to another.

Also discussed:

  • Resolving behavioural problems
  • Seeing life from an animal’s perspective
  • Assisting health issues
  • Understanding how animals see death and dying
  • How animals view their relationship with us

Sharing many individual cases to demonstrate how this form of communication can be applied to an array of situations.

2) Animals are Vital for the Survival of Planet Earth

Animals have been in an advanced evolved state for centuries even before time as we know it.  Their insights and influences have helped to shape this planet.

Learn about the balance needed for mother earth as we go through voluntary and involuntary extinction of animals and the vital connection between the natural world and us.  If the earth doesn’t survive – neither will we!

3) The Role Animals Play in 2012 and Beyond

Animals have come to this planet remembering their origin and purpose.  They play an integral part in preparing mankind for a change in consciousness.  Many animals are choosing to depart at this time and work from the realms in assisting these energetic shifts.

Hear Trisha convey messages from the animals of what we are to expect and what we need to do in preparation for our new earth.

4) The Role Animals Play in Your Soul Purpose

Animals choose to share their lives with us.  It is no coincidence that animals enter our lives at a particular time or in unusual circumstances, whether they are domestic or wild.

They come to remind us who we are and what we need to be doing in our lives. Learn techniques to fully understand their message and teachings  – as you are guided on your soul path to greater fulfillment and ascension with their wisdom.

5) Animal Insights into the Afterlife

Animals see leaving their physical bodies as a transition to another exciting journey.  Be enlightened as Trisha author of ‘Stories from The Animal Whisperer’ shares her experiences of where the soul of an animal goes.

Who comes to meet them as they make the journey across to the other side, and what is the process they go through?  Animals are very busy in the afterlife performing important roles.

Hear the incredible messages of love and inspiration from animals Trisha has communicated with on the other side to the loved ones left behind.

6) Finding Your Inner Sanctuary through Nature

Discover why spending time in nature is vital to your health and well-being.  Feel yourself return to your natural raw form, when you are with animals in the wild.

We have slowly been transformed from this natural state into a world of materialism and convenience. Learn how your own animal companions with their own modernized dysfunction will show you the way we are living, and how we can adjust our lives back to harmony once more.


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