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Host a workshop

You can choose to sponsor a workshop yourself in your area or state. Trisha will travel to most areas within Australia and Internationally. The workshop will be advertised on the Animal Talk website to assist with numbers and promotional material provided.


A minimum two-day workshop and 15 participants excluding the host will be required.  The host in all situations will attend complimentary.


Lectures can also be hosted the night before workshops for additional people and the workshop participants for a greater understanding of telepathic communication and questions.


You would host the workshop in your home or another location that would comfortably hold a minimum of 20 people.

  • The hosted area would need to be in a relatively quiet location and not a thoroughfare to outside people. Chairs need to be supplied and refreshments [tea, coffee, healthy snacks] provided for breaks.
  • Participants need to be reminded to bring lunches each day. They need to wear comfortable clothes, and bring bottled water.
  • The host will need to arrange 1-2 well-behaved animals for the participants to practice with on each day. These animals can be the companions of participants or host.
  • Participants need to be reminded to bring photographs of animals [either their own or those they know well, alive and/or deceased].
  • The host will be responsible for Trisha’s accommodation and transport to and from the airport.


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