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Grief counselling

When you talk to an animal that has passed over you are actually making a connection with their soul, or their eternal essence. The communication is the same but the information tends to be more philosophical as they now no longer have a physical body or the physical day to day needs.

  • Discover that animals view death and dying differently to people.
  • Learn what happens when they leave their body and who is with them when they go to the other side.
  • Find out where they are now.
  • Receive messages of love and devotion for you from your beloved friend.
  • Each animal being performs a role in the spiritual realms.
  • Their life purpose with you in this lifetime.
  • Messages regarding your soul purpose and their guidance in your next steps on your journey.

Also receive one-on-one grief counselling to begin your own healing process. Understanding how to get past your grief and feel a sense of connection and closure with your animal friend.

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