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Letting Nature Feed Itself

Most of us are guilty of feeding native wild animals – feeding Kookaburras & Magpies mince meat, honey & bread to Rainbow Lorikeets and providing fruit for Possums! Whilst we mean well, and we love their company, we are doing more harm than good for these animals. Providing a constant food source is unnatural for native animals; they need to forage and hunt for their survival. Feeding unsuitable foods such …Read More

Animal Carers suffer Compassion Fatigue

As a RSPCA Volunteer, I am able to spend quality time with the dogs & cats at the shelter. Incidentally, I was playing with a little Chihuahua who asked if it could come home with me. I did tell him that I would put it out there for him to find a wonderful home soon. My Gracie passed away last November, and I cannot take on any new animals at …Read More

Are You Ready for a Pet Bird?

Whether it’s their incredible intelligence, inquisitive nature or display of love and affection, sharing your life with a bird can be a rewarding and lifelong experience. A relationship with a bird cannot be compared to a dog or cat, as they are an entirely different being altogether. One that won’t be suited to everyone due to their unusual and unique needs. Birds are really incredible creatures,  they thrive on stimulation …Read More

Wildlife Conservation: Day-to-day Tips!

Wildlife conservation is the responsibility of each and every one of us. It is something we can all do, day after day, at home and at work. Discover the many ways we all can decrease our environmental footprint and be a part of wildlife conservation.   My personal goal in my day-to-day life is to have the smallest negative impact or “footprint”. I have to be realistic: I write this …Read More

Do I need to vaccinate my dog and cat every year?

A titre test is a simple blood test that measures a dog or cat’s levels of antibodies  to vaccine viruses (or other infectious agents). For instance, your dog may be more resistant to a virus whereas your neighbour’s dog may be more prone to it. Titre’s accurately assess if your pet has protection to the so-called “core” diseases (distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats), enabling vets to be able to …Read More