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Best Australian Wildlife Apps!!!!

It’s easier than ever to become a wildlife expert, or help researchers study our animals and plants WITH THE WORLD at your fingertips (or in your pocket) it is simple to become a wildlife expert. These apps are the best out there to help you identify Australian wildlife. Depending on your needs you may benefit from a general or a more specific guide depending on your location (local, state or …Read More

Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

Guilty Until Proven Innocent! Within two weeks of each other four events world wide have been put into the media spotlight. All resulting in the untimely deaths of animals. Let’s take a look at them individually as we try to make sense, if at all possible of what took place. Two Lions Killed Case 1: Santiago Metropolitan Zoo May 21, 2016 A man around 11.30am scaled a roof, intentionally climbed …Read More

Swans Go Marching Free!

Native ARC receives and treats hundreds of Water Birds in W.A.  Black Swans are just one of the beautiful species that are affected by illness, road accidents, fishing line/gear injuries, who are admitted and treated by our experienced and dedicated Volunteers. Recently a Rehabilitated Swan was released back home as told by our valued Volunteer, Jocelyn; “I released the Swan at Herdsman Lake last weekend and it went beautifully. The swan …Read More