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Interesting Stories

Why Do Dogs Hump Each Other?

Our dogs have humped or mounted other dogs, toys, blankets and ourselves at some stage in their lives. As humans, we find it amusing, concerning and sometimes just downright embarrassing.  So why? Why do they do it? Well there are several reasons why dogs of both sexes hump and mount other dogs: Mounting as puppies As part of a litter, puppies learn how to do certain behaviours with their littermates …Read More

What Secrets did the Ancients Leave on the Earth?

There are signs all over the earth that the ancient civilisations left behind. Clues about the truth of their existence and what we can learn from them.     Discovering the ancient 1st people on this planet and their sacred rituals.

Are Insects Welcome in Your House?

Who is afraid of spiders? Who gets freaked out when they see a cockroach? I thought you might like to know what it is like from their perspective, as well as some possible solutions to allay some fears and situations. Try to imagine what the land was like before your house was built on it. There was an entire ecosystem going on, teeming not only with animals and plants, but …Read More