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Interesting Animal Stories

Animal Communication and Ferrets

AN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR’S PERSPECTIVE BY STEPHANIE ALLISON Animal communicator, animal healer, author, and teacher, Trisha McCagh creates a symbiotic connection between the human species and the animal kingdom through intuitive communication. She has been intimately connected with animals since her early childhood. Her passion is to dedicate and commit to the greater preservation and respect of all animal life on this planet and to ensure the words, thoughts, and wishes …Read More

Success Story: The Greater Bilby Makes A Comeback

There are many activists, scientists and volunteers working to preserve our planet and its inhabitants. Conservation foundations including our own Animal Talk Foundation work tirelessly towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of Australian wildlife back into safe and thriving regions around Australia. So this month I wish to highlight the success that comes from conservation.  The Greater Bilby is a species iconic for endangered and extinct Australian animals. Less than …Read More

A Day in the Life of an Animal Whisperer

Being an Animal Whisperer is a very interesting life and has many facets to it.   Here is a bird’s eye view of what it would be like if you were an Animal Whisper  

How to Ensure Your Animals have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! For some of us, New Year’s Eve is a great night spent with loved ones, celebrating & toasting what’s to come in 2017. It can be an exciting yet anticipating time as we farewell 2016 and welcome 2017 into our lives. However, for some it is a very stressful night that can cause terror, panic and anxiety. I am of course talking about our animals experience, …Read More

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats on average sleep 16-18 hours a day depending on age. Cats in this time often appear to be asleep but this varies from their deep sleep, that is why they can be awakened easily. A lot of the time they are in a light sleep, sleeping in shore increments of 10-30minutes at a time.   So in this way they don’t sleep as much as you think.  Because cats use a special sort …Read More

Living With A Blind Dog.

There are several reasons for blindness in a dog. Sometimes it is simply due to old age. In any case if it has occurred later in life your dog will need to adapt to the new situation.   Their remaining senses can help them greatly adapt to their surroundings. In order of importance you will be happy to know sight is only number 3 behind hearing and the sense of smell. …Read More

Preventing Pet Cats from Roaming.

I keep my cat inside at night. Why should I keep my cat from roaming both day and night?   Keeping cats confined only at night will reduce their impact on nocturnal wildlife, but not on wildlife such as lizards and birds that are active during the day. Keeping your cat confined both day and night is especially important if you live near bushland and nature reserves.   Pet cats …Read More

How Can I Stop My Budgie from Biting?

Firstly your budgie is biting for a good reason and you definitely need to investigate. Don’t just think he is a naughty budgie, and it has nothing to do with me. Birds as pets are being put in very unnatural, stressful situations most of the time. Here are some points to consider. 1. Take note of the particular times and situations that your budgie bites. Take not of the triggers, and how long he …Read More

Are Insects Welcome in Your House?

Who is afraid of spiders? Who gets freaked out when they see a cockroach? I thought you might like to know what it is like from their perspective, as well as some possible solutions to allay some fears and situations. Try to imagine what the land was like before your house was built on it. There was an entire ecosystem going on, teeming not only with animals and plants, but …Read More

In Honour of Charlotte – Gone Too Soon!

Each and every one of us loves our animals and wishes they could stay with us our entire lifetime. Unfortunately we know that doesn’t happen, and we will experience the loss of one or more of our much loved and adored animal family members within this time. It is hard to describe the devastation we feel in our hearts and the unsurmountable loss from which we need to recover. Some say …Read More