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Environmental Stories

Do You Have A Possum Living In Your Roof?

How to safely and humanely remove a possum from your roof Do you have a possum scampering over your roof at night? Or is a possum making loud noises near your bedroom window? Or does a possum live in your roof? Learn what you can do to live happily with your neighbourhood possums. Common possums Brushtail Possums Brushtail Possums are commonly seen in urban areas and heard scampering over the roof …Read More

Success Story: The Greater Bilby Makes A Comeback

There are many activists, scientists and volunteers working to preserve our planet and its inhabitants. Conservation foundations including our own Animal Talk Foundation work tirelessly towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of Australian wildlife back into safe and thriving regions around Australia. So this month I wish to highlight the success that comes from conservation.  The Greater Bilby is a species iconic for endangered and extinct Australian animals. Less than …Read More

Becoming A Wildlife Carer – Is It Your Calling?

Learning what it takes to become a volunteer wildlife carer Most of us would do anything to cuddle up to some of Australia’s amazing native wildlife. From feeding joeys in makeshift pouches to teaching  baby birds how to fly, becoming a volunteer wildlife carer is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Nurturing our unique wildlife and watching them go free into the wild is enough to make your heart sing! But what …Read More

What Secrets did the Ancients Leave on the Earth?

There are signs all over the earth that the ancient civilisations left behind. Clues about the truth of their existence and what we can learn from them.     Discovering the ancient 1st people on this planet and their sacred rituals.

Chemical Free Gardens

A chemical free garden is a healthy garden for you, your family and the animals that visit. But you also want it to be free of garden pests and weeds. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides are designed to provide a quick solution for common gardening problems, but they can harm visiting animals, and there are often very simple, much cheaper chemical-free solutions at hand. If you spray chemicals or pesticides in …Read More

There’s a lot you can do to keep Australia Clean, Green and Wildlife Friendly.

Australians are among the highest producers of waste, per person, in the world. Cigarette butts, plastic bags, drink bottles, plastic chip bags, bottle caps and alcoholic beverage bottles are some of the most common waste items to end up polluting our environment and waterways. A single plastic bag can last for up to 450 years in salt water, and cause many marine fatalities before it is eventually broken up. What …Read More

Wildlife Conservation: Day-to-day Tips!

Wildlife conservation is the responsibility of each and every one of us. It is something we can all do, day after day, at home and at work. Discover the many ways we all can decrease our environmental footprint and be a part of wildlife conservation.   My personal goal in my day-to-day life is to have the smallest negative impact or “footprint”. I have to be realistic: I write this …Read More

Wildlife Tourism Help or Harm?

We all know there are many beautiful places and amazing animals to experience on this planet. In fact most people ‘s holidays and getaways are based on everything nature has to offer. Spending time in nature and observing wildlife has many health benefits not to mention extreme mental and emotional pleasure. People travel all over the world to catch a glimpse of a polar bear, get their picture taken with …Read More

Animals and Our Planet

The animal kingdom reveals amazing gifts and gifts and abilities, that if ever possessed by the human species have long been dissipated or lost to urban living. Where the natural kingdoms have adapted to their environments, mankind seems to go to great lengths to isolate itself from nature, moving further and further from connection and communion with all in the universe. In ancient Egypt, the priesthood considered animals to be …Read More