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Dog Tips

Why Does Your Dog Follow You from Room to Room?

Q.  Why does my dog always follow me around from room to room? Even when he is in deep relaxation, when I get up & move he will follow me. He does not follow my husband & daughter around the house, only me. However, if I am not home & my husband is, then he will come & sit near him. He does not seem to follow my 10yo daughter …Read More

How will your dog survive without its best mate?

For man’s best friend, being a part of a dog pack is as natural as breathing. Dogs naturally follow a leader; whether it is human or canine. However, when you are not present, your dogs will have already have established a hierarchy within their pack. All dogs in a pack have a role to play and that can have a significant impact depending on the situation. My two Japanese Spitz …Read More

A Day in the Life of an Animal Whisperer

Being an Animal Whisperer is a very interesting life and has many facets to it.   Here is a bird’s eye view of what it would be like if you were an Animal Whisper  

Why Do Dogs Hump Each Other?

Our dogs have humped or mounted other dogs, toys, blankets and ourselves at some stage in their lives. As humans, we find it amusing, concerning and sometimes just downright embarrassing.  So why? Why do they do it? Well there are several reasons why dogs of both sexes hump and mount other dogs: Mounting as puppies As part of a litter, puppies learn how to do certain behaviours with their littermates …Read More

How to Ensure Your Animals have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! For some of us, New Year’s Eve is a great night spent with loved ones, celebrating & toasting what’s to come in 2017. It can be an exciting yet anticipating time as we farewell 2016 and welcome 2017 into our lives. However, for some it is a very stressful night that can cause terror, panic and anxiety. I am of course talking about our animals experience, …Read More

Give Your Pet the Best Christmas Ever!

Give Your Pets the Best Christmas Ever! As we are heading towards Christmas time, we begin the rush and stress of preparing for holiday celebrations, family occasions and gift giving of course. A lot of thought goes into giving something special to the people we love. There are also some very special friends and family members in our lives that are unconditional givers – our animal companions. Whether they are …Read More

Why Does My Dog Dig Up My Garden?

Dogs love to dig for a variety of reasons.  By nature, dogs are omnivores; they can eat a variety of plants, fruit, veggies as well as meats too. Your dog likes to forage for grass, weeds, worms, lizards and all sorts of things in your garden. It is their instinct; in the wild a dog in a pack would forage to survive between successful hunts. Ensuring your dog has a holistic nutritious raw …Read More

Living With A Blind Dog.

There are several reasons for blindness in a dog. Sometimes it is simply due to old age. In any case if it has occurred later in life your dog will need to adapt to the new situation.   Their remaining senses can help them greatly adapt to their surroundings. In order of importance you will be happy to know sight is only number 3 behind hearing and the sense of smell. …Read More

Physiotherapy for Animals

Did you know that animals need physiotherapy just like humans?  Meet our Animal Physio Matt who works mainly on dogs and explains why it is so important.        

Protect Your Pet!

Positive ions are the dangerous components of the Electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phone towers, Wi FI, mobile phones, internet, dirty electricity from electricity systems including your own home just to name a few. These positive ions can cause free radicals in THE body that contribute to disease. Imagine if you could create a NEGATIVE ION FIELD around your pet, so that their bodies could function normally to create optimum …Read More