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Cat Tips

“What’s In A Name?”

Penelope Wright from VIC writes:  Do Animals like the names we give them? Animals are not as attached to their name identities as we are. When we give our animals a name, they understand it is part of the physicality of being in the human world. They know people like attaching names to things. Wild animals don’t call each other names; they recognise each other through the energy of each …Read More

Keeping Harmony Introducing a New Cat

Jenny Boulom from Sydney writes: Q.  I brought home a new cat about a month ago, and she still isn’t getting along with my older cat. What can I do to make the transition easier?   A.  Cats are wonderful creatures – highly intelligent, playful and exude a calm, meditative state most of the time. As solitary creatures, most cats would happily be in a one-cat family. Bringing another cat into …Read More

Why my cat attacks me for no reason.

My cat seems to attack me for no reason. When I pet him, he turns around & starts to bite and grab my arm with his claws. How do I make him stop doing that?  Being petted arouses your cat, this is not necessarily a sexual thing – petting & cuddles can arouse your cat’s hunting instincts too. Particularly if you pat their bellies or paws – these are a …Read More

A Day in the Life of an Animal Whisperer

Being an Animal Whisperer is a very interesting life and has many facets to it.   Here is a bird’s eye view of what it would be like if you were an Animal Whisper  

How to Ensure Your Animals have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! For some of us, New Year’s Eve is a great night spent with loved ones, celebrating & toasting what’s to come in 2017. It can be an exciting yet anticipating time as we farewell 2016 and welcome 2017 into our lives. However, for some it is a very stressful night that can cause terror, panic and anxiety. I am of course talking about our animals experience, …Read More

Give Your Pet the Best Christmas Ever!

Give Your Pets the Best Christmas Ever! As we are heading towards Christmas time, we begin the rush and stress of preparing for holiday celebrations, family occasions and gift giving of course. A lot of thought goes into giving something special to the people we love. There are also some very special friends and family members in our lives that are unconditional givers – our animal companions. Whether they are …Read More

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats on average sleep 16-18 hours a day depending on age. Cats in this time often appear to be asleep but this varies from their deep sleep, that is why they can be awakened easily. A lot of the time they are in a light sleep, sleeping in shore increments of 10-30minutes at a time.   So in this way they don’t sleep as much as you think.  Because cats use a special sort …Read More

Preventing Pet Cats from Roaming.

I keep my cat inside at night. Why should I keep my cat from roaming both day and night?   Keeping cats confined only at night will reduce their impact on nocturnal wildlife, but not on wildlife such as lizards and birds that are active during the day. Keeping your cat confined both day and night is especially important if you live near bushland and nature reserves.   Pet cats …Read More

Protect Your Pet!

Positive ions are the dangerous components of the Electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phone towers, Wi FI, mobile phones, internet, dirty electricity from electricity systems including your own home just to name a few. These positive ions can cause free radicals in THE body that contribute to disease. Imagine if you could create a NEGATIVE ION FIELD around your pet, so that their bodies could function normally to create optimum …Read More

Why Does My Cat Have a Wiggle Motion before it pounces?

As you know cats are amazing hunters, and there are reasons why they are supreme killing machines.  They have incredible instincts to spot prey, can move with lightening precision and have mastered many techniques to make sure they will be successful in their quest. One of their techniques is there wiggle action before they pounce. Although it looks cute and funny sometimes to us, it is essential in their preparation for attack. The wiggle …Read More