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Animal Tips

Why My Dog Eats Poo at the Park?

My dogs likes to eat poo when they go to the park. It started off with one dog, and now the other dog has picked up the habit. They don’t seem to eat their own poo at home. I don’t like it, but is it bad for them to eat it? And how do I break the habit? A.  There are many reasons why your dogs would be eating poo. …Read More

Keeping Harmony Introducing a New Cat

Jenny Boulom from Sydney writes: Q.  I brought home a new cat about a month ago, and she still isn’t getting along with my older cat. What can I do to make the transition easier?   A.  Cats are wonderful creatures – highly intelligent, playful and exude a calm, meditative state most of the time. As solitary creatures, most cats would happily be in a one-cat family. Bringing another cat into …Read More

Animal Communication and Ferrets

AN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR’S PERSPECTIVE BY STEPHANIE ALLISON Animal communicator, animal healer, author, and teacher, Trisha McCagh creates a symbiotic connection between the human species and the animal kingdom through intuitive communication. She has been intimately connected with animals since her early childhood. Her passion is to dedicate and commit to the greater preservation and respect of all animal life on this planet and to ensure the words, thoughts, and wishes …Read More

Why Does Your Dog Follow You from Room to Room?

Q.  Why does my dog always follow me around from room to room? Even when he is in deep relaxation, when I get up & move he will follow me. He does not follow my husband & daughter around the house, only me. However, if I am not home & my husband is, then he will come & sit near him. He does not seem to follow my 10yo daughter …Read More

Physiotherapy for Animals

Did you know that animals need physiotherapy just like humans?  Meet our Animal Physio Matt who works mainly on dogs and explains why it is so important.        

 Can Your Pet Rabbit be Litter Trained?

Yes you can.  However it is virtually impossible to litter train an unsprayed or unneutered rabbit, so this will need to be taken care of first. Secondly you will need patience and perseverance the same as with cats and dogs. Rabbits like to stretch out in the litter boxes so don’t get them too small. The litter boss themselves, shouldn’t be too deep or the covered type. They can be recycled newspaper pellets, paper pulp, wood stove pellets or …Read More

How Can I Tell If my Pets are Overweight?

Even if my pets look okay to me, can they be overweight? Absolutely!  Apart from checking with your vet by putting your dog or cat on the weighing scales, there are ways of checking yourself. Stand above your pet and look down, as both cats and dogs taper in at the waist. This is the area where the abdomen meets the hip joints. If there is little or none at all, …Read More

Do I need to vaccinate my dog and cat every year?

A titre test is a simple blood test that measures a dog or cat’s levels of antibodies  to vaccine viruses (or other infectious agents). For instance, your dog may be more resistant to a virus whereas your neighbour’s dog may be more prone to it. Titre’s accurately assess if your pet has protection to the so-called “core” diseases (distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats), enabling vets to be able to …Read More

How Domestic Life Differs Between Animal Species?

Having animals share our lives is in my opinion the most rewarding and heartfelt experience. The power of animals is unfortunately greatly underestimated by the vast majority on this planet. That is of course, unless you are an animal lover. Animals are our companions, best friends and family members. They love us unconditionally, treat us without prejudice or judgement and teach us about the planet and ourselves beyond our greatest …Read More