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Animal Health

“What’s In A Name?”

Penelope Wright from VIC writes:  Do Animals like the names we give them? Animals are not as attached to their name identities as we are. When we give our animals a name, they understand it is part of the physicality of being in the human world. They know people like attaching names to things. Wild animals don’t call each other names; they recognise each other through the energy of each …Read More

What is Your Plan for Your Horse?

During the 10 days of our recent Intuitive Horse Clinic, we discussed the plans our students had for their horses. We explored the relationship with their horses, how they engage with their horses (work or training they want to use), the plan for their horse’s future and the goals they wished to achieve with them. It gave our students incredible clarity and better understanding about what they wanted from their …Read More

Physiotherapy for Animals

Did you know that animals need physiotherapy just like humans?  Meet our Animal Physio Matt who works mainly on dogs and explains why it is so important.        

Protect Your Pet!

Positive ions are the dangerous components of the Electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phone towers, Wi FI, mobile phones, internet, dirty electricity from electricity systems including your own home just to name a few. These positive ions can cause free radicals in THE body that contribute to disease. Imagine if you could create a NEGATIVE ION FIELD around your pet, so that their bodies could function normally to create optimum …Read More

What Can You do to Stop Your Dogs Gulping Down their Food?

This can be quite a problem with dogs, and something we do need to address. Gulping food down rapidly means they are not chewing their food properly which can lead to gagging and choking or cause digestive issues and even bloat. Thankfully,  someone invented go slow bowls. These bowls are specially formulated in design so that your dog has to eat at a slower pace. They can’t get their whole mouth into the bowl …Read More

Getting your Dog to Eat Raw Fresh Vegetables

Will your dog eat Raw Vegetables?   It is likely giving them a healthy salad, and the earlier you start them raw the easier it will be to convert them. I am sure many of you find that your dogs either won’t eat vegetables at all or they need to be cooked. Here is a tip to start your dog on Healthy Raw Veges!  

In Honour of Charlotte – Gone Too Soon!

Each and every one of us loves our animals and wishes they could stay with us our entire lifetime. Unfortunately we know that doesn’t happen, and we will experience the loss of one or more of our much loved and adored animal family members within this time. It is hard to describe the devastation we feel in our hearts and the unsurmountable loss from which we need to recover. Some say …Read More

How Can I Tell If my Pets are Overweight?

Even if my pets look okay to me, can they be overweight? Absolutely!  Apart from checking with your vet by putting your dog or cat on the weighing scales, there are ways of checking yourself. Stand above your pet and look down, as both cats and dogs taper in at the waist. This is the area where the abdomen meets the hip joints. If there is little or none at all, …Read More

Do I need to vaccinate my dog and cat every year?

A titre test is a simple blood test that measures a dog or cat’s levels of antibodies  to vaccine viruses (or other infectious agents). For instance, your dog may be more resistant to a virus whereas your neighbour’s dog may be more prone to it. Titre’s accurately assess if your pet has protection to the so-called “core” diseases (distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats), enabling vets to be able to …Read More

Animal Bullying

Over the past few years I have discovered some very interesting parallels between humans and animals. How humans relate to themselves and others in a sometimes derogatory manner seems to have a flow on effect when humans whether intentional or not are thoughtless in their intention and actions toward animals. For example, I have seen animal distress come from too much human interaction(over stimulation), not allowing animals to be who they truly are, and …Read More