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Animal Behaviour

What is Your Plan for Your Horse?

During the 10 days of our recent Intuitive Horse Clinic, we discussed the plans our students had for their horses. We explored the relationship with their horses, how they engage with their horses (work or training they want to use), the plan for their horse’s future and the goals they wished to achieve with them. It gave our students incredible clarity and better understanding about what they wanted from their …Read More

Why Does Your Dog Follow You from Room to Room?

Q.  Why does my dog always follow me around from room to room? Even when he is in deep relaxation, when I get up & move he will follow me. He does not follow my husband & daughter around the house, only me. However, if I am not home & my husband is, then he will come & sit near him. He does not seem to follow my 10yo daughter …Read More

Why my cat attacks me for no reason.

My cat seems to attack me for no reason. When I pet him, he turns around & starts to bite and grab my arm with his claws. How do I make him stop doing that?  Being petted arouses your cat, this is not necessarily a sexual thing – petting & cuddles can arouse your cat’s hunting instincts too. Particularly if you pat their bellies or paws – these are a …Read More

 Can Your Pet Rabbit be Litter Trained?

Yes you can.  However it is virtually impossible to litter train an unsprayed or unneutered rabbit, so this will need to be taken care of first. Secondly you will need patience and perseverance the same as with cats and dogs. Rabbits like to stretch out in the litter boxes so don’t get them too small. The litter boss themselves, shouldn’t be too deep or the covered type. They can be recycled newspaper pellets, paper pulp, wood stove pellets or …Read More

Is Your Dog Really Aggressive?

I had an interesting case come up this week regarding a dog biting a delivery man’s ankle. It made me realise that perhaps many of you reading this, may have experienced something similar with your dog or know someone that has. I thought it may be interesting for you to know the dog’s view on this issue. After all the dog rarely gets a chance to voice their side of …Read More

Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs eat grass for many reasons. However what ever the reason you need to make sure the grass your dog is eating does’t contain any chemicals or pesticides.   Some dogs simply find it tasty Fulfilling a nutritional need that the diet is lacking, such as fibre A form of self-medication when your dog has a tummy upset, so uses grass as a relief to the symptoms Improving digestion Treating intestinal …Read More