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Why My Dog Eats Poo at the Park?

My dogs likes to eat poo when they go to the park. It started off with one dog, and now the other dog has picked up the habit. They don’t seem to eat their own poo at home. I don’t like it, but is it bad for them to eat it? And how do I break the habit? A.  There are many reasons why your dogs would be eating poo. …Read More

A Hypnotherapist Looks at Separation Anxiety in Dogs

By Dr Karen Phillip Anxiety is a fact of life—even for a dog. It’s not all chew toys, chasing your tail, going for walks or waiting to be fed. Our dogs are just as susceptible to the symptoms of anxiety as we are. Our precious doggy pets that suffer from anxiety have a host of symptoms, including barking, pacing, panting, trembling, excessive licking, or trying to escape. They also may …Read More

Keeping Harmony Introducing a New Cat

Jenny Boulom from Sydney writes: Q.  I brought home a new cat about a month ago, and she still isn’t getting along with my older cat. What can I do to make the transition easier?   A.  Cats are wonderful creatures – highly intelligent, playful and exude a calm, meditative state most of the time. As solitary creatures, most cats would happily be in a one-cat family. Bringing another cat into …Read More

Animal Communication and Ferrets

AN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR’S PERSPECTIVE BY STEPHANIE ALLISON Animal communicator, animal healer, author, and teacher, Trisha McCagh creates a symbiotic connection between the human species and the animal kingdom through intuitive communication. She has been intimately connected with animals since her early childhood. Her passion is to dedicate and commit to the greater preservation and respect of all animal life on this planet and to ensure the words, thoughts, and wishes …Read More

Do You Have A Possum Living In Your Roof?

How to safely and humanely remove a possum from your roof Do you have a possum scampering over your roof at night? Or is a possum making loud noises near your bedroom window? Or does a possum live in your roof? Learn what you can do to live happily with your neighbourhood possums. Common possums Brushtail Possums Brushtail Possums are commonly seen in urban areas and heard scampering over the roof …Read More

Essentials for Relocating Your Animals Interstate or Overseas

Moving to a new home interstate or internationally can be an exciting & busy experience. It also can be a stressful time if you have animals that are moving with you. There is a lot involved in making sure your animals make it to their new home in a safe and stress-free way. Trisha has successfully moved her four animals from Sydney to Perth, and works regularly with clients guiding …Read More

I Want to Get my Dog a Dog Friend

It is fulfilling and entertaining to watch two dogs play games, watch the world outside and spend time together. Dogs are by nature a pack animal; they are at their happiest and secure when part of a family unit. It is their way of survival, and living with humans means there is a mixed pack. We love interacting and spending time with our human family; so do dogs with theirs. …Read More

How To Prevent Wild Animals From Getting Caught In Fruit Netting

The recommended types of wildlife friendly fruit netting to prevent injury to wildlife Wildlife, particularly birds & flying fruit bats love sampling your fruit trees – it is a convenient food source, however it is also a deadly risk. Getting caught in the netting on your trees can cut off circulation, strangle them and just the stress of being trapped can kill a lot of wildlife. It is understandable that you …Read More

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

Whether it’s their incredible intelligence, inquisitive nature or display of love and affection, sharing your life with a cat can be a rewarding and lifelong experience. A relationship with a cat cannot be compared to a dog or horse or bird, as they are an entirely different being altogether. They are truly the most mysterious of species – what is it about these majestic creatures that attracts us? Their beauty? …Read More

How To Stop Wild Birds Hitting Your Windows

Who has had a bird dive straight into their window? Or heard the familiar tapping of a beak against the glass outside? Wild birds are known to attack windows believing there is another bird in their territory or even seeing the reflection of outdoors and attempting to fly through it. This is quite distressing for birds; they can injure or stun themselves, becoming quite vulnerable to others. Read on for …Read More