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Essentials for Relocating Your Animals Interstate or Overseas

Moving to a new home interstate or internationally can be an exciting & busy experience. It also can be a stressful time if you have animals that are moving with you. There is a lot involved in making sure your animals make it to their new home in a safe and stress-free way. Trisha has successfully moved her four animals from Sydney to Perth, and works regularly with clients guiding …Read More

I Want to Get my Dog a Dog Friend

It is fulfilling and entertaining to watch two dogs play games, watch the world outside and spend time together. Dogs are by nature a pack animal; they are at their happiest and secure when part of a family unit. It is their way of survival, and living with humans means there is a mixed pack. We love interacting and spending time with our human family; so do dogs with theirs. …Read More

How To Prevent Wild Animals From Getting Caught In Fruit Netting

The recommended types of wildlife friendly fruit netting to prevent injury to wildlife Wildlife, particularly birds & flying fruit bats love sampling your fruit trees – it is a convenient food source, however it is also a deadly risk. Getting caught in the netting on your trees can cut off circulation, strangle them and just the stress of being trapped can kill a lot of wildlife. It is understandable that you …Read More

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

Whether it’s their incredible intelligence, inquisitive nature or display of love and affection, sharing your life with a cat can be a rewarding and lifelong experience. A relationship with a cat cannot be compared to a dog or horse or bird, as they are an entirely different being altogether. They are truly the most mysterious of species – what is it about these majestic creatures that attracts us? Their beauty? …Read More

How To Stop Wild Birds Hitting Your Windows

Who has had a bird dive straight into their window? Or heard the familiar tapping of a beak against the glass outside? Wild birds are known to attack windows believing there is another bird in their territory or even seeing the reflection of outdoors and attempting to fly through it. This is quite distressing for birds; they can injure or stun themselves, becoming quite vulnerable to others. Read on for …Read More

 Why does my dog try to distract me when I meditate? 

Meditating with your dogs can be a wonderful daily ritual. All animals love it when we are in that ‘Zone’ where our mind is quiet and peaceful; we have reached their state of being. If you are starting your meditation practice with your animals, they may not be used to sitting in your presence without interaction. A lot of the time we either chat, or touch or interact in some …Read More

What is Your Plan for Your Horse?

During the 10 days of our recent Intuitive Horse Clinic, we discussed the plans our students had for their horses. We explored the relationship with their horses, how they engage with their horses (work or training they want to use), the plan for their horse’s future and the goals they wished to achieve with them. It gave our students incredible clarity and better understanding about what they wanted from their …Read More

Success Story: The Greater Bilby Makes A Comeback

There are many activists, scientists and volunteers working to preserve our planet and its inhabitants. Conservation foundations including our own Animal Talk Foundation work tirelessly towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of Australian wildlife back into safe and thriving regions around Australia. So this month I wish to highlight the success that comes from conservation.  The Greater Bilby is a species iconic for endangered and extinct Australian animals. Less than …Read More

Why Does Your Dog Follow You from Room to Room?

Q.  Why does my dog always follow me around from room to room? Even when he is in deep relaxation, when I get up & move he will follow me. He does not follow my husband & daughter around the house, only me. However, if I am not home & my husband is, then he will come & sit near him. He does not seem to follow my 10yo daughter …Read More

Letting Nature Feed Itself

Most of us are guilty of feeding native wild animals – feeding Kookaburras & Magpies mince meat, honey & bread to Rainbow Lorikeets and providing fruit for Possums! Whilst we mean well, and we love their company, we are doing more harm than good for these animals. Providing a constant food source is unnatural for native animals; they need to forage and hunt for their survival. Feeding unsuitable foods such …Read More