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Animal Talk Foundation

Animal Talk Foundation

What does the Animal Talk Foundation do?

Australians are very privileged, as up to 80% of our wildlife is found nowhere else in the world. Australia is one of the most important nations on earth for biodiversity, as it is home to more species than any other developed country.  Sadly we also have one of the highest levels of extinction. This is why we must take steps now to preserve our unique wildlife before it is too late.  Small organisations work tirelessly saving sick and injured animals on a daily basis with only the love and devotion of their volunteers who are funded with minimal donations.  The Animal Talk Foundation wants to support these wonderful people and the needs of these animals to make their lives better and their survival a reality.

Our mission

To dedicate and commit to the greater preservation and respect of all Australian animal life by directly supporting wildlife rescue organisations and volunteers.

What you can do to help Australian Wildlife

Help us preserve the beautiful and unique animals we have in Australia with the simple steps below:

Become a member – receive regular updates and exclusive discounts.
Donation – financially support animals in need as a regular or single contribution.
Attend an Event – sponsor or attend an Animal Talk fundraising event.
Become a fundraiser – organise an event yourself and feel a part of the cause.


Between these two centres they attend to over 5,000 animals annually.


NativeARC is a non profit organisation that provides medical care and rehabilitation services for sick, injured and orphaned native Australian wildlife in the south metropolitan region. NativeARC receives injured wildlife from a range of sources including the general public, veterinary clinics, local councils, rangers and other wildlife centres.


Native ARC believes education of the public in environmental sustainability will assist in the ongoing conservation of native birds and animals and supports the development of strategic partnerships and programs to enhance and expand critical wildlife habitat.


  • To rescue, treat, rear or care for sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife for eventual rehabilitation and release back into their natural environment.
  • To improve and expand the existing facilities of the association in order to achieve the highest possible standard of care.
  • To provide within the boundaries of the association improved habitat for native wildlife.
  • To encourage and assist where possible the provision of pre-release facilities for rehabilitated wildlife in areas of suitable habitat.
  • To foster an awareness of the requirements of and problems confronting native animals and also encourage the provision of suitable habitat.
  • To collect any information and or undertake research that will benefit the care of wildlife.
  • To provide where possible or assist in the production of educational material and other resources pertinent to the care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
  • To engage and liaise respectfully with other associations or organisations whose objectives support Native ARC.
  • To abide by the policies designed to achieve the above objectives and as formulated by the Executive Committee.
  • To consider and plan for the long term needs of wildlife unsuitable for release.


Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation. We care for sick, injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife; breed threatened species; conduct training and research; and educate schools and community.


Kanyana is an Associate Institutional Member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, which is the peak body representing the zoo and aquarium community throughout Australasia. ZAA has 99 member organisations, including Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Kanyana is set in a beautiful national park surrounded by jarrah forest in the Perth Hills. We accept any native wildlife to our hospital 8am-8pm every day of the year.


The people who volunteer at Kanyana focus their energies in five areas:

  • Caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife
  • Wildlife education
  • Captive breeding
  • Research
  • Personal and social wellbeing

Our mission is to engage with as many people as possible across these five areas. We want to offer a solution to everyone in WA who encounters a sick, injured or orphaned animal – bird, lizard or mammal. We want to provide enlightening educational experiences for all ages and all sectors of society including schools, business, government, community and grassroots organisations. We want to set and maintain the highest standards and success rates in the breeding and raising of endangered mammals. We want to be a centre for research into wildlife diseases, rehabilitation and breeding practices. We want to be a place where people can gain meaning and purpose in their lives, according to their life situation and their capacities.